Page elements

Table of contents

  1. Columns
  2. Tab view
  3. Child view
    1. Example 1
    2. Example 2 - nested list view
  4. Data field
    1. Link to pop-up
    2. Bold text
    3. Alignment
  5. Static content
  6. Action button
    1. Example: Contact form
    2. Example: Update status

There are four types of elements that can be added a page:

  • Child view
  • Data field
  • Static content
  • Action button


Page elements can be grouped into columns. A page and each view inside a page can hold up to 3 columns. Page elements can be positioned by moving with the handle or the splitter between columns.

Example - Different layouts of a “User” page

1-column layout
2-columns layout
3-columns layout
3-columns layout on tablet

Tab view

Tab view can be enabled by clicking on the “toggle tabs” button.

Tab: user detail
Tab: posts
Tab: comments

Child view

Example: if we are on the “Post” detail page, we could add these elements to the page:

New child view

Example 1

The post page holds a comment list.

Parent view
Child list view
Post detail page

Example 2 - nested list view

Instead of using a pop-up to display comments, comments are embedded in the post list.

Parent list view
Child list view
Nested list view

A page may contain one or more than one child views.

Data field

New data field

Similar to list items, some dynamic fields can also be linked to a pop-up page.

Example - Tap on the user name opens the user detail in a pop-up page:

Select pop-up page
Tap on the user
Pop-up: User detail

Bold text

Editor: display settings
App: post title in bold


Editor: display settings
App: center-aligned

Static content

There are four types of static content that can be added to any page:

  • Text
  • Image
  • Location / Map
  • URL (external link)
Add a static image
Add a static map
Static content

Action button

Action button can be used to:

  • Add a child item to a list that is not visible on the page
  • Update status directly without using an input form

Example: Contact form

The “Contact host” button allows a guest to write an inquiry to a host. The list of all inquiries is not displayed on the public apartment page.

Button - Add child item
Contact host
Write an inquiry

Example: Update status

The “Work Complete” button allows a project member to update the status of a work item from “Assigned” to “Work Complete”.

Button - Update status
Move to Work-Complete