Data properties

Table of contents

  1. Identity field
  2. Sortable
  3. Searchable
  4. Protected

A data field of a model may have the following properties:

field is required
field must be unique
Label field
field is used as the label of the data record
field can be sorted in a list view
field can be searched in a list view
field can not be modified by an app user by default
Required field
Unique field

Identity field

Every data record will be given a system ID when stored in the database. The system ID is also used as the default identity of the record. But you can also use another field for the default identity by defining the field as a identity field. Only one field of a modal can be defined as an identity field.

Example - The link of an issue shows the system ID, while the link of a member shows the name of the member:

Database backend: Identity field


List items are sorted by the created time by default. You can define your sort field or add more sort options..

Tap "sort" button
Select sort order


List items are searchable by text. You can add text fields to the search index by using the searchable property.

Tap "search" button
Search results


Protected fields are read-only fields for users by default. If you want a protected field to be editable on certain pages, you can overwrite the default in the access setttings of the page.

Example: We have many posts and we want to hide some of them on the public list. But users should not hide posts themselves. Instead, only administrators are allowed to do this. In this case, we can define a protected field “state” and make it accessible only to the administrator.

Not accessible to normal user
Accessible to administrator